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Soundtrack link here doesn't work and Steam page for it doesn't allow for download. How can we get it?

Soon there will be a major update (you will be able to add your own sounds and music or listen to something from the Internet). The soundtrack will be reworked and shared again. Sorry for the problems.


That's awesome to hear! I'm excited for the new changes

Thank You!

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The Steam version is getting an update on 2021-09-20, when will version 1.0.9 come to the version?


I will update my games on Itch soon 1-5 days. If possible (if you are using Steam) then you can download the free Steam key: otherwise you have to wait for update.

I updated the game, sorry for the delays. But I have a normal job and games are a hobby. If there are any problems please let me know :D.

>But I have a normal job and games are a hobby.

With any paid sale comes responsibility.