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You are a secret Agent who begins work for the Airem. Hacking servers of global corporations for profit, stealing data, manipulate the stock market, modify peoples academic or criminal records, laundering money, erasing evidence, framing innocent people.

Use bitcoin to upgrade your hardware and buy new software. Connect to many unique servers, each of which has something different. Some servers are just a little fun, but others actually contain vital bits of the game. Airhack (The Origin project) was founded in 2000. This is the oldest thing known on the Internet.



  • Hack users (delete files, formatting disk, transfer money from wallet etc.)
  • Hack bank accounts to transfer money
  • Install and play games
  • Trojans, virus, malware
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Modify your system (theme etc.)
  • Overclocking (CPU/GPU)
  • Help the police track down other hackers
  • Upgrade your hardware and software
  • Connect to many unique servers like casino, stock
  • Phone (send sms, call, chat etc.)
  • They watching You
  • Hacker, Hacker, Hacker
  • Make virus
  • Black hat, white hat, gray hat
  • Ranking online
  • Multiplayer, co-op (hacking bank accounts together) or be a lone wolf
  • Secrets
  • Ufo attack 2 (game)
  • Airhack could be aslo an immersive terminal-based hacking simulator for PC

Airhack has many more features which are not listed here to prevent spoilers


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