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Apartament 1406

Apartment 1406 is a horror game that will provide you with an amazing experience in a dark world of horror. The game features psychological elements, such as changing environments and two alternative worlds, which make the game very interesting and mysterious. The player must face various unfamiliar phenomena, ghosts, and demons, which combined with the dark and gloomy atmosphere, will provide you with great thrills.

Apartment 1406 is also a survival game, in which the decision to fight or flee is up to the player. The player has a limited amount of ammunition, so they must be careful about how they use it to survive in dangerous situations. The player must also collect items, combine them, and use their equipment to survive.

Apartment 1406 also offers an advanced Examine System, which allows the player to view, investigate, and interact with various items. The player can open boxes, remove locks, or discover hidden buttons, adding even more tension and mystery to the game.

The Survival Instinct System is another innovative feature of the game. The player can hear the character's terrifying breathing and feel how the character reacts to different situations. Another example is when the player has low energy, the character slows down, increasing the tension and emotions even more.

Apartment 1406 also has advanced options, such as full controller support, graphics options, sound options, and the ability to change key controls, allowing players to customize the game settings to their preferences. Additionally, the game offers automatic progress saving and the ability to save the game at any time, giving players full control over their gaming experience.

In Apartment 1406, players will have the opportunity to experience a terrifying atmosphere, thanks to the dark music and gloomy sounds. The game is enriched with inexplicable phenomena, ghosts, and demons, making every moment spent in the game full of tension.

Apartment 1406 also offers a storyline and cutscenes that allow the player to become more involved in the game. Each cutscene has been carefully designed to convey important information or a clue.

In Apartment 1406, players will have access to various hint systems that help them discover items and indicate what to do with them. This system has been designed so that players can focus on the game's fun and storyline, rather than the frustration of unclear next steps. Hints are subtle, ensuring an optimal gaming experience without compromising the game's wonderful atmosphere and tension.

Additionally, Apartment 1406 offers 100 Steam achievements that allow players to increase their in-game experience, as well as the Play Remote feature that enables players to play on their TV, phone, and other devices, Steam Cloud, and other features. The game also features voice over/dubbing and is translated into at least 90 languages, meaning that players from all over the world can enjoy this fantastic game.

If you're looking for an immersive horror game with psychological elements, a terrifying atmosphere, and a captivating storyline, then Apartment 1406 is the perfect game for you. The game draws inspiration from classic horror games with psychological elements, similar to those popular among genre fans.      


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Apartament 1406 - 1.1.1 (Win 64 bits) 1 GB
Version 2
Apartament 1406 - 1.1.1 (Win 32 bits) 1 GB
Version 2
Apartament 1406 - 1.1.1 (Linux 64 bits) 1 GB
Version 2
Apartament 1406 - 1.1.1 (Mac 64 bits) 1 GB
Version 2

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I'm really enjoying this game. VERY CREEPY and I'm glad this game has combat. Great job so far!!!

Thank You :D

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Loved the game, could see that it was inspired by Silent Hill & a bit of Resident Evil. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who likes survival horror. There was one bug where I crafted an item using herb and oil, it just disappeared. I found it a bit weird when it turned to letterbox for the cutscenes, think it would have looked better staying fullscreen. The only other thing to add is that I wish it was longer but I do plan on replaying the game on medium and hardcore mode. Also I hope you make a second one.

Thank You for video gameplay :D. I'll check the item issue, new update coming soon and add option to disable letterbox in new update. Thank You.

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Very nice 1406/10‼

Thank You :D


It was a nice survival game! I enjoyed it three timesXD Still I love the atmosphere at the beginning like refusing anyone coming closer. Japanese in this game. . was terrible but I like it, it sounds cuteXD If you don't mind, shall I correct those scription? Haha!

Bugs? Or intentionally?

The last scene changed depending on the place where I stand in. Only black door or A devil in front of the dark door.

And there was a message we need to find a key near the door while heading for the ending, but there was no key even I tried to find.

Anyway, I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much!

Thank You for feedback, gameplay and bugs :D. Do you want to fix subtitles ing ame (scription)? I'm preparing another update.
フィードバック、ゲームプレイ、そしてバグに感謝です :D。ゲーム内の字幕(スクリプション)を修正したいですか?別のアップデートを準備しています。


Amazing game!


Thank You :D. Soon I will update the Apartament 1406 on Itch.io, because there is a new version on Steam (you can choose the difficulty level etc.)


What is the correct spelling for the game's title ? Some parts of this page say "Apartament 1406" but others say "Apartment 1406".


In short: Apartament 

Long: Some time ago I released a game called Resoraki, which is not an English word. Now I have decided to do the same. Apartament (Polish) = Apartment (English) <-- as you can see there is little difference, many people may not even see that the letter a should not be there.  

Anyway, the correct title is, of course, "Apartament 1406", but You can use Apartment 1406.

Unfortunately, sometimes when I write Apartament auto-correction changes the word Apartament to English "Apartment". I will check the descriptions later to correct this. 

The "Apartament" comes from... the French appartement meaning larger apartment, which in turn derives from the Italian appartare :P.

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Absolutely LOVE the game! Reminds me of Silent Hill and Resident Evil style! The Difficulty is insane, but still fun. The atmosphere is constantly keeping you on edge. The mechanics added also give it a nice touch, had to take a chair with me everywhere lol. For protection you know. It did take me a bit to find the gun, but when I did, all hell broke loose!

Thank you for a fantastic lets play. The chair is also a weapon. There will be an update soon that will add options to change the difficulty of the game.


Awesome, and thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to play the game. Can't wait for all future updates! You are doing an amazing job! I love the chair, being able to use my surroundings like that is awesome in my eyes!

Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying the game and the use of the surroundings. I can't wait to continue refining the game and providing new updates :D.


Combat is a bit rough, but the atmosphere is some of the best horror I've seen from an indie dev.  I quite enjoyed it.  I did receive a free key from the developer through keymailer, but it's well worth the purchase.

Thank You :D. In the new update I will add a difficulty level so the fight will be easier. For now, it's good to use an ax and weapons as a last resort, and explore rooms to find ammo, items, etc.